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Future-proofing Mobile Broadband for Network Service Providers

Mobile broadband is in demand everywhere and it has revolutionised the way in which we communicate and access information. It also means that users’ expectations are much higher and the pressure is on to deliver a connected experience no matter where they are.This capability is particularly critical for business customers and enterprise network service providers where fast, reliable connectivity is an absolute must and downtime is not an option. A plethora of industries rely upon high speed mobile connectivity: rail, cruise lines, yachting, oil and gas, shipping, vehicle fleet operators, the military, business and commercial aviation. This vital connection enables passengers and crew to stay in touch with friends, family and social media, it makes operations more efficient, it enables constant monitoring of equipment, sharing of information and easy and rapid updates to software – it is at the core of any business that has remote, mobile assets.

Phasor will introduce a revolutionary new antenna technology to the mobile broadband network services market that will simplify mobile broadband communications on land, sea and in the air, enabling ubiquitous broadband connectivity no matter where in the world it is needed. Phasor’s flat panel, modular, scalable antenna will enable enterprise customers to conduct their business almost anywhere on the planet.

The Phasor antenna is truly unique.The development team has taken standard microchip technology and processes, and elevated them to a completely new level. In fact, Phasor has taken the entire RF-chain and compressed it onto its proprietary microchip, and further, has created a modular and scalable system that provides unprecedented capability and flexibility. This has never been achieved before and this development in antenna technology will bring a host of benefits to enterprise users.

Phasor’s antennas are flat panel, electronically steered and solid state. There are no moving parts so only minimal maintenance is required. An antenna comprises a number of modules, which are made up of an array of interconnected elements and encased within a 2 inch thick package. The number of modules may be scaled up or down, depending on user requirements, ensuring extreme flexibility and adaptability to the unique requirements presented. The flat panel design also allows the antenna to be seamlessly integrated onto commercial vehicles as a flat or conformable unit, ideal for yachts, trains and aircraft where aesthetics and aerodynamics are important factors. The electronically steerable antenna system ismuch easier and less costly to install than traditional heavy, domed, mechanical antennas, an important fact when your assets must be out at sea, on rail or in the sky rather than down for maintenance and installation work.

Phasor's technology allows the antenna to track any satellite signal no matter where you or the satellite moves. This means constant connectivity, anywhere with nearly instantaneous tracking speeds and with the ability to track two satellites at the same time – a must for those enterprises using new LEO satellite systems.

In developing the antenna, Phasor’s team has focused on the fact that satellite and broadband technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. Therefore, the Phasor antenna system has been created to be “future proof”, able work in conjunction with any satellite constellation in the same frequency band, and BETWEEN different kinds of constellations (GEO vs. HTS vs. LEO),interoperably.

The Phasor antenna will make mobile broadband access faster, more cost-effective, more reliable and ubiquitous. It will be installed quickly. It is very low profile and conformal. It will need little maintenance. It can be scaled to match user requirements. And it will work interoperably with diverse SATCOM networks.

For any mobile enterprise user or network service provider, seamless and highly reliable broadband connectivity is a must. That is why Phasor’s electronically steerable antenna will transform mobile connectivity for millions.

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