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Phasor: Pioneering Broadband Access for the Yacht Market

The luxury and super yacht market is one of the most demanding of the maritime sector today. These high-end vessels come with high-end expectations, and service providers are striving to accommodate the many applications that are viewed as essential by yacht owners.

The yacht market continues to remain robust with a total of 184 yachts sold between January and June 2016, only marginally down on the 189 sold during the same period last year (source: According to the 2016 Global Order Book, the number of new yachts of 24 metres or longer on order or under construction is at a total of 755.

The yacht market is not one that will make compromises on its broadband needs. Yacht owners, who are often business people with connectivity demands that match their success, have come to expect the very highest calibre of communications to service their many devices. They want to stream high-definition video and to run voice and data applications, yet at the lowest possible cost.

Then there is the question of the access technology. This is a big issue as it works on two levels: reliability and aesthetics.

Owners cannot tolerate downtime. Any interruption to films being streamed, access to email and office services or to social media, for example, is not just inconvenient but is simply unacceptable. Therefore, owners want a highly reliable antenna system that will enable constant, uninterrupted broadband access. Traditional, mechanically steered parabolic antennas can be unreliable due to the fact that they feature many moving parts.

Super yachts are impressive vessels, and owners want them to look as attractive and streamlined as possible. Large and bulky satellite antennas ruin this look and are also challenging to install, often requiring cranes to lift them on board.

But there is a pioneering alternative to existing access technology.

Phasor is introducing its very low profile, electronically steerable antenna (ESA) that is set to transform broadband access technology for the super yacht market. The antenna is highly reliable, with no moving parts, so satellite signals are tracked electronically. The ESA can be conformal in design and may be integrated seamlessly to the superstructure of a yacht, giving an overall sleek look. Moreover, the antenna’s modular architecture allows the system to be scaled to any use-case requirement. Users simply scale the antenna panels up and down as required. The antenna system is easy and quick to install – no need for cranes or engineers – and no need to worry about failure of mechanical parts.

The antenna modules can be combined into a single logical antenna or a distributed array which means that they may be placed in different locations on board the yacht. Users can achieve a very high gain antenna with an RF performance that is comparable to very large traditional 2.4m reflector antennas, and this results in much lower operational link costs – an attractive deal for yacht owners.

The Phasor antenna system is set to transform broadband connectivity for the super yacht market, forever. With good performance from the yacht market expected in the second half of this year and into the future, this is a great opportunity for maritime satellite broadband. Phasor’s cutting-edge technology is poised to take the delivery of broadband at sea to the next level. 

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