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Join Phasor at Satellite 2018!

Join Phasor and discover the innovative technology that will empower a new era of broadband connectivity

The satellite communications industry is experiencing a revolution today that will transform it forever: the launch of truly ubiquitous and broadband mobility services across GEO and NGSO constellations.

These changes will dramatically affect the global reach, flexibility, and affordability of enterprise broadband connectivity – while travelling in-flight, at-sea or in-transit over land. But for it to work, there needs to be a step-function improvement in access technology.

Phasor is poised to enable transformative mobile broadband access across all commercial use-cases and markets, to meet the growing, underserved and unmet needs of today’s network-centric travellers.

Visit booth 1737 to learn about Phasor’s enterprise grade Electronically-Steered Antenna System (ESA):  

  • - Unrivalled design – very low profile, solid-state, lightweight & conformable

  • - Rich feature/functionality

  • - Highly scalable and reliable

  • - Seamless interoperability between GEO/NGSO Constellations

  • - Single and Dual-beam tracking from a single aperture

Contact David Garood to schedule an appointment: