Article in SatMagazine - Phasor: A New Era in Connectivity

Phasor CTO, JP Szczepanik takes a look at a new era in mobility and communications — an era that is exciting and challenging and one that has the potential to take connectivity to a entirely new level of access and use.

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Via Satellite: The Challenges of Meeting the In-Flight Connectivity Demand

Phasor CEO, David Helfgott, features in this article by Anne Saita on how the satellite industry faces new challenges in meeting passenger demand for in-flight entertainment and connectivity. Find out more about the effect that demand for mobile devices is having on the sector; the ways in which airlines are striving to meet customer demand; how hardware suppliers must meet airline requirements; the need for security and future trends.

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Transformational change on the horizon for intercity bus connectivity market in LATAM

Like so many other places around the world, Latin America is in the grip of the mobile revolution. In 2016, the GSM Association published a report that forecast the number of people across the Latin American and Caribbean region using their mobile devices to access the Internet is set to grow by 50 percent by 2020. That’s coupled with 150 million new mobile Internet subscribers. These are truly impressive figures.

The fact is that people are now using their mobile devices everywhere. Our need for connectivity literally follows us wherever we go. Whether we are checking emails before we reach the office or simply catching up with friends on social media, our need for access and connectivity continues to skyrocket. As a vibrant and dynamic emerging market, Latin America’s rapid growth in mobile Internet subscribers is creating a demand for Internet everywhere, especially when travelling, and in this region travel often means via intercity buses and coaches.

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Via Satellite: LEO/MEO Satellites Poised to Make a Mark in Military Sector

Satellites in LEO and MEO will soon be here to stay thanks to companies like LeoSat, OneWeb and SES-owned O3b. The question is whether they can go beyond meeting the needs of commercial and consumer users to also serving a dispersed and increasingly mobile military. Via Satellite talks to leading LEO and MEO industry figures to see how they envision their constellations supporting military missions globally in a fast-evolving threat environment.

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Superyacht Technology: How GEO, MEO and LEO Satellites Combine to Re-Shape the Future of Maritime Connectivity

For connectivity at sea, nothing can rival satellite and for decades it has been a reliable source of communications links for mariners. Unconstrained by terrestrial infrastructures’ limited reach, satellite delivers communications to virtually anywhere in the world.

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Re-Shaping the Future of Rail Connectivity

Unconstrained by terrestrial infrastructures’ limited reach and congestion, satellite delivers complementary broadband access to virtually anywhere in the world. Today, the satellite industry is experiencing a revolution that will transform it forever. These changes will dramatically affect the reach, affordability and accessibility of “over-the-horizon”,or satellite-based broadband wireless connectivity - a paradigm shift that will completely transform communications on the rails.

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