Aerospace America Article: Going Broadband

Airline passengers and crews love their broadband, even though it is not cheap. Henry Canaday looked into the technology that lies ahead and found some bold innovations on the horizon.

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Phasor Features in Railway News

Staying connected has never been so important. It tops the list of priorities for pretty much everybody today, and this is becoming a very hot issue for train operating companies.

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Phasor to be a Featured Speaker at World Satellite Business Week’s SmartPlane Summit

  • September 07th, 2017
  • News

Phasor, the pioneering developer of aeronautical electronically steered antenna (ESA) systems, will present at the second SmartPlane Summit on September 11, part of World Satellite Business Week at the Westin Hotel, Paris.

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SatMagazine Article: Differentiation Through Performance

With the commercial launch of Phasor’s unique flat panel, Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA) rapidly approaching, the commercial, passenger mobile broadband services market is eager to learn more about how the antenna’s benefits can be reaped — the time has come to address the factors that set this technology apart from other offerings.

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Phasor sets 2018 release for electronically steered antenna

Satellite antenna startup Phasor Solutions has completed full system testing of its electronically steered, phased-array antenna, and is now preparing for commercial release next year.

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Phasor: Flat Panel Antennas VS

With the commercial launch of Phasor's flat panel, electronically steerable antenna (ESA) fast approaching, and with the superyacht market eager to hear about how it will be able to reap the benefits, it is time to address the factors that set this technology apart from the rest.

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