Broadening Horizons with Breakthrough Technology

Almost a year ago, the SME Instrument of the European Commission recognised that Phasor was developing a unique, game-changing technology. It awarded the Company a prestigious €2million grant through its Horizon 2020 program. A year down the line and Phasor has made excellent progress and can now report that, after completion of its second development milestone, the team is halfway to commercial launch of its exceptional technology slated for the second half of 2017.

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ViaSatellite Article - Small Sats

SmallSats: Change Agents from the Ground Up
SmallSats are spurring innovation across the industry including on the ground segment, which will ultimately influence all operators, regardless of size.
By Caleb Henry

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Satellite Executive Briefing features Phasor in leading article

Satellite Executive Briefing has released an extensive Cover Story on Mobility within the Satellite industry and features Phasor as one of the key companies providing a solution for the industry.

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Satellite Today Article

Phasor has completed the technology for its flat, Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA), and is now shifting into a new stage focused on making its products ready for various markets. The company’s antenna, which has been under development for more than five years, has completed successful demonstrations of both transmit and receive technology with what the company described as “outstanding results.”

Article from Satellite Today.

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Runway Girl Article

"Intelsat positions itself for skyrocketing growth in aero" article from Runway Girl blog, 21st August 2015.

Phasor features heavily in a recent article from Runway Girl, sighting the relationship between Intelsat & Phasor in delivering connectivity to the aero industry.

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